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40th BABS Annual College

Jubilee Campus Nottingham

24th - 26th August 2018

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Stream Leader: Neil Firth

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stand in front of a chorus and lead from the front?

Maybe you’re already directing but want to improve your skills?

Maybe you just want to know more about the role of a director?

Whatever your directing goals and regardless of experience or current skill level, then this stream is for you.

The chorus director has a vital role to play in helping develop the skills of our chorus singers. Do you have what it takes to get involved in a more ‘up front’ role?

Whether you are an existing front line director, assistant or aspiring director, music team leader, section leader or coach, you have an important part to play and this stream will help you understand what it takes to stand in front of any chorus and bring the whole ensemble together as one.

New for this year

For the first time, the directing stream will be split into 2 separate days to give you the opportunity to also get involved in the Personal Development Stream if you wish.

  • Day 1 will be focusing on ‘arm waving’ with personal one to one coaching on your own directing style. If you want to develop your directing skills then this is for you.
  • Day 2 will include more advanced learning to help you develop your leadership and other ‘behind the scenes’ skills.

By the end of the course you will have a much greater understanding of these key areas:

  • Understanding how ‘what you do’ makes them do what they do
  • The importance of ‘awakening the voice’ and why preparing the chorus to sing is key to a successful rehearsal or performance
  • What constitutes a properly planned rehearsal - why is this so important
  • The role of the section leader - what they "really" should be doing
  • Positive communication, leadership and motivation - how do we inspire our members to want to turn up to rehearsals each week and learn from us
  • How to analyse and plan before the sheet music reaches the chorus

Once again there will be a Directors' Chorus with a special song for the stream.  All students on the stream are required to learn their part to the song in advance.  Download instructions for the music and teach tracks will be sent to you when you enrol.

Outstanding Value

You not only get excellent training and coaching, you also get great facilities, good food, a high level of camaraderie, a private bar and, of course, plenty of time to sing.

Everyone Welcome

BABS members, non-members, men and women, all are welcome.

Your Options

Choose from a full weekend residential or non residential, one day options on Friday and Saturday or Sat/Sun residential.

Secure Online Booking

It is very simple, just fill out the details and the options you want, and the site works everything out for you.

Extreme Quartet Sampler

Interested in trying out the Extreme Quartet experience without commiting to it for the whole weekend?  Sample sessions available during the Breakout sessions.  Click here for more details.